Monday, July 15, 2013

Garden Update

The Garcia family has been diligently watering, fertilizing and weeding their garden and it shows!   We get to participate once in a while with weeding help and we are amazed at the growth of this wonderful garden.   The Garcia kids came running up our steps and ringing the door bell yesterday all excited to share with us one of their first fruits of the garden- a big ripe cucumber!   Here are the proud gardeners in front of their pride and joy!

The girls, Dayanara and Yarelli had fun with two little squashes we brought them.  We couldn't resist playing a little trick on them.   Another family in the ward grew these squash and shared some with us.  We placed them carefully next to some cantaloupe plants when the girls weren't looking and we called them to come see.  We asked them what they were.  They were a bit confused.  Yarelli reached down and picked one up and said...."Hey, it came right up!   Did you put that there??" 
Here's a little before and after comparison:
and after:
Those almost-4-feet-tall corn stalks were planted from seed!  We love the Garcia family, they are the best!
And.........we are the grateful beneficiaries of some of the fruit and veggies!   Like these:
Very sweet delicious cantelope and the cucumbers are great too.

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