Monday, July 1, 2013

Harvest Time!

We have learned so much about agriculture here in Kansas.   You may know that Kansas is the number one wheat producing state in the nation; number two in beef production.    We have watched with great interest the stages of the crops, from planting to harvest.  Well, now it's harvest time and we could not resist pulling over and taking a few pictures of the operation!

The wheat looks about ready, you know...."amber waves of grain"....

A close up inspection shows that the stalks are full of the grain...

Here I am gleefully watching the combines going through the wheat fields.
Here's two of the four combines which were working this field
When the combines come back by where the trucks and other tractors are it's time to unload the grain.

It's a non-stop process and as soon as the combines unload their grain they keep going for another pass around the field.   These huge bins pulled by tractors drive over to waiting  semi trucks and transfer their loads.  The tractors are driven by young people, even high school age, girls and boys.   The trucks then drive off to grain elevators, like the one in Dodge City below, where the wheat is stored.
  The grain is then loaded on train cars and shipped all over the world.
Now, when you eat your next slice of bread, you will know where it came from!

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