Thursday, August 8, 2013

Who Doesn't Love a Puppy?

Last night the Smith family had all the missionaries over for dinner. Ten of us, plus two more S.T.L.'s who are visiting from Wichita. The Smith's foster animals...lot's of there is always something at their house for you to pet. Right now they have a mama dog and her 5 puppies and a brand new baby kitty who doesn't have its eyes open yet.
Sisters Mortensen, McQuay, Williams, Christenot & McKay

Everyone got to hold a puppy, or "poopy", as Elder Garza (who is from Mexico)
calls them. This is E. Page... E. Garza is the next one over.
Cute little baby kitty had to be fed with an eye dropper.
Sister Smith fed us Milanesa(<sp?) An Argentine meat dish.
Kinda tasted like chicken fried steak, and they put lemon juice on it.
The guy at the back of the table without a white shirt is the Smith's son.
from left: Sisters Christenot, McKay, Mortensen, McQuay, Elders Hawkins,
DeLeon, Douglas Smith, Rodriguez, Inzunza, Garza, Page (love the face)
and Elder Williams. I'm taking the picture : )


  1. What a lovely event! Dinner, dogs, cats and companions--and especially seeing my daughter, Sister Mortensen. I'm sure she was in puppy heaven.

  2. Hi Sister M's Mom! We love new readers and comments. Yes, she loved it, though her little puppy was pretty wiggly and he was climbing up her. She is a wonderful missionary, we love serving with her.


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