Thursday, August 22, 2013

Big Day

It's transfer day...there are so many new missionaries coming in
and so many missionaries being transferred, that they had to rent a bus
to get them all where they need to be. Boy howdy am I ever so
glad Ron and I don't have to be transferred!
Cute Sister McQuay loves to "discretely" photo bomb...Hysterical.

 She and Sister Mortensen are in a companionship...they are so much fun!

 We got three new sister's in our zone! First ever Spanish speaking sisters.
They'll be serving in Liberal Kansas.
Sisters McKay (welcome back),  Nash, McQuay*, me*, Mortensen* & Torrez
*We ain't new...we is old.


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  1. A whole bus full of missionaries! That is amazing. Can't believe the incredible growth of the missionary force recently... even in Kansas! We are witnessing a major event in church history! So cool.


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