Saturday, August 24, 2013

Spida Man Spida Man

We have some of the nastiest bugs here in the Midwest. Probably nothing that other parts of the country don't have, but for some reason everything here is HUGE! Mosquito's...I wake up every morning with new mosquito bites. Flies...we literally unlock the front door, squeeze inside, and hurry and close the door behind us. There are tons of those little buggers. It's cow town, what d'ya expect? But the spiders...oh holey moley...they are HUGE! And I HATE 'em!

 My brave husband went after it for me...  I wanted to post the video we took of him killing  terminating it's life, but
for some reason, it won't post-but it's if you want to see the video, go to Ron's facebook page...I think I said "GIGANTIC" about 6 times in One minute and 17 seconds...go ahead and count. But here is the enormous web that baby produced. and it's catching lots and lots of bugs-without the spider thank you very much.       
P.S. He could produce no proof that the spider was actually dead. 


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