Wednesday, August 28, 2013

"P-day" shopping trip

On Monday we took a trip into Garden City to do some bike shopping for Sister Mortensen. The Sisters and one set of Elders are sharing a car now, so on the off-week they have to ride their bikes. First we went to Target and she tried this bike out....

Then we went to WalMart and she found this beauty...
Pretty sweet, right?
Something we noticed while we were on our little excursion...we kept getting
these crazy looks from people...even the Mennonite's, who, c'mon really??
...But then we figured it out...
1. We're all wearing green shirts
                   2. We're all in skirts                    
3. We're Mormon's (wearing our nametags)
4. Three women and one man
hahahaha- You do the math!
And you thought the "P" in "P-day" was for Preparation!


  1. That is very funny! You never know what people are thinking!

  2. Sister Jaimie "Wheelin" Mortensen. :-)

  3. I appreciate so much seeing these extra glimpses of Sister Mortensen on her mission. :-)


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