Monday, May 20, 2013

The light in his eyes and the light in the skies

Yesterday we had a sweet baptism of ten year old Victor. His brothers were baptized a couple months ago and he cried because his father wouldn't give his consent for Victor to be baptized...until yesterday. Victor is a sweet boy with a strong testimony.

Also, last night while we were out looking at the storm clouds move in, a house behind our appt. was having a little fire issue. And it was sooo windy, the fire got a little out of hand and the fire department was called.
We caught some of the lightning last night as it was just getting started. We were treated to a
beautiful thunder and lightning show which set off several of the car delerships car alarms.
It's tornado season here..we've had several touch down in our area in the past couple days.
I totally want to see a tornado while we're here!

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