Saturday, May 18, 2013

Happenings of the week...

Note to self: When the Elders want to take a picture like this after District meeting,
remember it's not the most flattering pose for a 50 something woman.
...But I sure love these guys, especially the one wearing the yellow tie!
Reading my letter from Becki~
she always includes the funnest things in her letters.
Attended the graduation of one of our members~
a convert of one year~this girl is going places!

Had our last Zone Conference for
the Colorado, Colorado Springs Mission : (
Watched an AMAZING sunrise

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  1. I googled the "Kansas Wichita Mission" and came across your blog. My son is serving in this mission now. He also came over from the Colorado Springs Mission. I was happy to see him in one of the above picutres. He is Elder Bryton Lee from Gilbert, Arizona! We MISS him!! :)


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