Monday, April 14, 2014

Prayers really ARE answered...ward picture & final mail shout-outs.

Our purpose for our Fast this week was for members who are less active to come to church for our last Sunday in Dodge. One couple in particular we have been working with for a couple months, who we've just fallen in love with, we really made the focus of our desires in our prayers. Holy Cow, are prayers were answered!! When I saw them both sitting in the pew before Sacrament meeting I nearly cried. I dropped my bag and gave them both a big hug! I'm telling you, this guy hadn't been to church in over 20 years. It was the best send-off for us!
We arranged to have everyone who was at church (and everyone who stayed for the 3 hour block) take a ward picture on Sunday!
(it was pretty much like herding cats)
We LOVE these people! 

Our friends Rachel and Jaydon made these sweet lei's for us, from candy *YUM-O and silk ribbons.
Rachel served her mission in Hawaii so I naturally had a love for her from the moment we met!
Final :'(  mail Shout-Outs
Sincere thanks to everyone who has dropped us a line while we've been serving in the middle of somewhere. Today's shout-outs and Kansas Rock Chalk Jay Hawk (have no idea what that means) go to: Erin, Bryce, Tyler and JOE Abrams for the awesome letter finale! Alicia Katchner for the BIG announcement~congrats girl! Jenn Hartman's BIG BIG announcement~best of luck to you sweet girl! My sister DeeDee's Easter Surprise Box~can't wait to hug yer neck! Holly Weirsma's card with the sweet message~you are AWESOME~thanks for all the encouragement! And the very unexpected, very last piece-o-mail-because-we-turned-in-our-change-of-address-letter from my dear friend Becki who has faithfully written me twice a month with encouragement, news from home, and sweet little nuggets of inspiration. WE LOVE YOU ALL AND THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS!

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