Monday, April 14, 2014

Our Last Night in Dodge City

Some of our friends from the ward stopped by tonight. Kevin & Sunny Brinkerhoff, Dale & Elaine Chamberlin, Armando & Consuela Oviedo, Bishop Bunkall & his wife Robyn and their 4 adorable kids came by, as did our friends Lyle & Judy Smith and Gary & Carolyn Strong. So many great people that live here, and so many more who don't know just how great they are! They have supported our missionary efforts, fed us, fed us, fed us, and allowed us into their lives. Our Heavenly Father has answered our prayers time and time again, and has guided us to people that needed to be reminded that He loves them and is mindful of them.  Someone thanked us for our "sacrifice", but does it really count as a sacrifice if we gain more than we give? What a privilege it has been to be on the Lord's errand in the beautiful Midwest. We Are The Kansas Wichita Mission.

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