Monday, April 1, 2013

We had the opportunity to go down to the Oklahoma City Temple last weekend. What a joy it was, being in the temple again (twice in one month!). This time with ward members. The Temple is beautiful. Ron and I noticed the chandelier in the Celestial room resembles a crystal tornado... Coincidence? 

   Before heading home we looked up a sweet sister who lives near Oklahoma City.
Then we made a quick visit to the Oklahoma City Memorial where the bombing took place in 1995. It was a quiet, reverent place. All of the memorial achitectural features are symbolic of the events of that day.
There are 169 chairs representing the people who lost their lives that day, where the Alfred P. Murrah building once stood. Nineteen of the one hundred sixty nine are small chairs representing the little children killed. Over 680 people were injured. Listening to the guide talk about the events that lead up to that day, to that moment, one can see devastation that can come to so many from the evil that is in one man's heart.
This is the reflective pond where 5th street had run before the attack. The wall at one end reads 9:01 representing the last moment of innocence. The bombing happened at 9:02 am. At the opposite end, an identical wall reads 9:03 representing life after innocence lost.

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