Saturday, April 13, 2013

A li'l bit o' this 'n' that and Mail Shout-Outs

It's been an eventful week...We watched General Conference at our chapel with members and investigators, and had a great meal between sessions, on Sunday. Ron took me to the emergency room early Saturday morning with a migraine (truly one to journal about ) and the barfs (they gave me 2 shots and I slept for 24 hours) . I completely missed Saturday sessions of conference. During the week we met with an investigator- a cute young mother of two little girls- very promising. We drove to Spearville to deliver a surprise birthday message to one of our favorite members. Had Zone training in Garden City. Had our English Classes on Wed. morning and evening, and gave a church tour with some non-member Spanish speaking ladies. Had dinner and FHE with a great family from the ward, and lunch with another great family from the ward-and learned they are related to each other. We are substituting in Primary tomorrow, so we're getting our lesson ready.

There were the wierdest clouds here the other day...
11 or 12 strips of clouds all across the entire sky.
This is Sister Strong, the wife of the birthday boy... We put a big 70 with forks stuck in their
lawn that had hearts glued on and birthday messages for Bro. Strong, who turned 70.
Mail shout-outs and virtual exploding fist bumps go to Annabelle and Daniel for the AwEsOmE Easter card! And Larry, for thinking of us while eating at The Crab Cooker (wait, is there a message there?) in Newport Beach! We love you guys!

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