Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Man looketh on the outward appearance...

I know I have written about how cool I think old things are...and we have plenty of old things to see around here.

This is an old grain elevator and an old mill on our way up to some members in Kinsley.
Every time I go past them I think how awesome they are. There's just something beautiful about
structures that stand on their own, unused, forgotten, yet so stalwart. Reminding us that they at one time were more structurally sound, useful, even needed. If you look really close inside the top left window of the mill (right picture below) you can see a huge gear that gave the mill its power and made it useful so long ago. It's so cool!  I wish I had it for my wall at home. (I'd need a huge wall to hang it on!)

People are like these old buildings. As they age they seem to outlive their usefulness, their beauty. Or so we sometimes think. We went to visit our sweet little 90 year old member, Dolly, up in Kinsley that day. What a joy she is to visit! She has lived an interesting life. We have come to love her so. She may think she has "outlived her usefulness", but she has so many beautiful things about her. We are grateful that we've gotten to know this sweet lady. Like the big gear inside the mill, we just need to stop and look carefully to see all the cool things inside another person.

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