Thursday, March 14, 2013

So much to see and do here

It was so much fun getting together with the whole Williams clan for Christopher and Ellen's wedding. The week was one big celebration. I would have posted this sooner, but my computer had a little temper tantrum after being hauled off to Illinois and ignored. grrr.

What's everyone looking at??

 We are looking at ourselves in the bean!
There is something so cool about this sculpture! I swear I could have spent hours just looking at it.
We ate a lot.
Everywhere we went there was food....really good food.
The skyline is awesome...
The architecture in Chicago is so amazing.
We went through the American Girl museum...
This is the one Shannon had when she was a little girl.
Ron was able to visit with Brian Boice, 
a friend from his college days...
Mutt & Jeff?
Groomsmen getting posed for pictures...
I love Danny Gessel's face...they were all trying to stay warm!
And here is the reason for the family event...Ellen & Chris coming out of the Chicago Temple
Have you ever seen bigger smiles on two adorable faces??

Two handsome Williams men
I love this father and son photo

All the Williams family who made the trip to Chicago...
Angela with Lincoln & Jon, Abuela, Ron & Kathy, Chris & Ellen, Ben & Erin with Blake, Peter & Janae, Amy & Andrew and Patty


  1. So much fun!!!! I wish I was there...

  2. We loved visiting with Ellen & Chris and the rest of the family at their open house here in University Place! The house looked beautiful and everyone seemed to be glowing with happiness.


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