Monday, March 25, 2013

Our Bishop, He ministers like Jesus would do

With the closing of our Spanish branch, some of the Spanish-speaking members were worried about participating in church in the ward with English-speaking members.  Kathy and I visited with some of these dear people to reassure them that all would be well, but anxieties persisted.   So we felt impressed to invite the Bishop, David Bunkall to come with us to meet some of these fine people.   This wonderful man, who has a young family and is very busy with so many things and feels heavily the burden of trying to integrate all the new people into the ward, cheerfully accepted our invitation.    Yesterday, after he had a full day of presiding over meetings, interviews and other duties after church, and after he ran home to wolf down a few bites of something to eat, we picked him up and took him with us.   We visited 5 families.   We had him out for over 4 hours, and made him late for dinner.   But he never complained.  Instead, he was magnificent, reaching out to each and every family, expressing his love, assuring them all that they were needed and wanted, and bearing his testimony that this change would bless their lives.   The Spirit was strong and each family was touched by his compassion.   We loved having a front row seat, translating as needed and watching and feeling this wonderful experience.  It occurred to me, if Jesus would have had a few hours to spare and was visiting Dodge City yesterday, He would have done exactly what Bishop Bunkall did.   This may be hard to fully describe, but we were so very grateful to be part of this wonderful experience yesterday.   It's one of the blessings of being a missionary, serving others and witnessing the service that others give.

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