Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Everyone Knows its Windy

Kansas is the 3rd highest wind-energy producer in the Country.We've posted a picture or two of the massive windmills that are found all around Dodge City, which some have labeled the windiest city in the country.The other day, while driving to our zone conference in Garden City we noticed a large open field which has become a staging ground for the parts to these massive windmills.You cannot accurately tell how large these windmills are until you see the parts on the ground.Here are a few pictures we caught today. (This is not a confession of trespassing by the way).
  I'm standing next to one of the windmill blades. (P.S. His photographer was NOT trespassing)
The end of the blade that attaches to the windmill
We were told that each windmill costs 3 million dollars, and they pay for themselves in about 6 years.   And I thought lawyers were windbags!!here

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