Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Count Down begins...and Mail Shout-Outs!

What a great week we've had! It seems like the closer we get to the end of our mission the faster the time is racing by!
Ron and I spoke in Sacrament meeting on Sunday. Our topic was Modern Day Prophets and Revelation. Pretty timely for upcoming General Conference. Ron did a fantastic job with his talk. I'm so grateful to be his companion.
On Monday we had a senior devotional at President and Sister Bell's home in Wichita. A wonderful dinner, then some musical numbers and some question and answer time with the A.P.'s and STL's. They are pretty amazing young adults.
We've had a turn-over in Sr. missionaries so everyone went around the room and introduced themselves and told about where they're serving, etc. Our President said some very kind things about Elder Williams and myself...because we are leaving soon. We have loved serving with President and Sister Bell. Also, about six months ago our Stake Presidency was changed and right after Pres. Seger was released, President Bell snatched him up to be one of his counselors in the Mission Presidency. He and his wife are pretty much the most awesome people around!
Ron  & Kathy and Sandy & Bob Seger
One of our visits this week was to a wonderful couple. I've talked about her before, the wife comes when her health is good, but the husband has always worked on Sundays. Well now that he is retired he still isn't coming to church. I asked him why he hasn't been coming and he said he "really didn't have a good reason for not coming." The old inertia: an object at rest tends to stay at rest kinda thing. So we told him we only have two more weeks in Kansas and we'd sure think it was awesome if he'd come to church before we leave town. He said he'd try. Yay! That is just what we wanted to hear! And believe me, that is a huge step for him. Now we pray that we'll see him on Sunday!
Our Bishop came to our correlation meeting on Thursday. He let us know that almost all of our new members are struggling with commandment issues. We happen to know that it's not just the new members who struggle. Oy vey.
  Many sweet thanks and happy high five mail shout-outs go to Becki Blackner, My sister Deb, and two of the cutest little look-a-likes Aydree and Brooklyn...Much love for all the written words of love and encouragement everyone has sent our way!

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