Saturday, March 8, 2014

Spiritual Feast...and a doggy bag too!

Oh my goodness! Did we ever have a most wonderful treat yesterday! All the missionaries from the KWM were transported to Wichita to be taught by Elder David A. Bednar. Wow, was it ever a FEAST of the Spirit, of knowledge and information, of inspiration and empowerment. The time just flew by.

I have always thought of Elder Bednar as intelligent, stiff serious and unapproachable. I thought that we would go to this conference and hear a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles speak to us for an hour, using his very wordy words, and I would take notes and then we'd go home. Well he is very intelligent, and very serious in his devotion to the Gospel, but he was also very warm and funny. Elder Bednar taught by the same pattern the church is now using (probably always has been, I'm just coming late to the party here) in "Come Follow Me". Teaching us to engage the people we are teaching, whether it be in a classroom or at an investigators home. Thereby teaching them to act as an agent and not just be acted upon. We were asked to read three of his articles: Ask In Faith, Seek By Learning, and Converted Unto The Lord, and then be prepared to ask questions and participate in dialogue with him. Are you kidding me?? Participate in dialogue with an Apostle? When would we ever get an opportunity to do this again?  He taught us for three hours straight. And I'm sure we all could have sat there for another three hours to keep being instructed. I caught a glimpse of what the multitude must have felt like in 3 Nephi when Christ was telling them to "go home and ponder on the things which (he) had taught them"... They were so caught up in what he was teaching them that the time must have flown by for them as well.

Our bus ride with Elders and Sisters from the Garden Zone
and the Dodge City Zone. Great Missionaries.

Sober and dignified, right?
Sisters Bradshaw & Tapusoa- love those girls.
Photo bomb by Sister Guillen, and Ron's head.
E. Dub with Kathy, Sisters Bradshaw, McQuay & Mortensen.
This conference was like a big family reunion! It was almost impossible to
get everyone settled enough to take a mission picture... like herding cats.
It was so good to see these fun sisters that we've served with in Dodge.
We miss them!

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