Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Sisters Conference in Pratt & Mail Shout-Outs

We had a Sister's Conference with the sisters from the western half of the mission. We had an aerobic hula lesson taught by Sister Lueders, and that was fun. We also listened to a counselor from LDS Family Services talk about depression. She was pretty interesting. Then we had lunch and then a discussion on Women in the Scriptures, presented by the Sister Training Leaders. That was really good. It was just fun to be with all the Sisters, some of whom we have served with and some we've met through these kinds of conferences.
 Here is our Mission Presidents darling wife, Sister Bell

 Grandma & Granddaughter
Sister McQ trained Sister Bradshaw's trainer
(clear as mud??)
Me & Sister Tap
(she is hilarious!)
Wow, just look at my "Bob's Big Boy" hair!

Sister McQ and me
(she is another one that just makes me laugh!)

This is about half of the sisters serving in the Kansas Wichita Mission. Some pretty great women.
I heart these people, and mail shout-outs go to: Mary VanDriver/Vanderlovin/Vanderholme for the sweet card, Becki Blackner for the sweet Valentine, and the Snows for just being sweet enough to remember us!


  1. What a great idea to get all the sisters together! I just have one question... what did your companion do all day? And are you "allowed" to separate? :)

    1. My companion was home ironing shirts~pretty awesome, eh? I hate going anywhere without him, but I had three sister missionaries in the car and they kept me laughing the hour & 1/2 drive to Pratt!


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