Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Have you Herd the one about the Cows?

Meet the Starks. They are such an awesome couple! He was a rodeo cowboy in his younger days. Now he raises cows and farms a bit. They are just about the most down-to-earth people we've ever met. Sister Starks comes to church when her health permits, but Brother Starks hasn't been active for years...for no apparent reason. We want to change that.
We had a great visit with them today. We read with them in 3rd Nephi, part of chapter 17, (my favorite), then we left them an assignment to finish reading the chapter to see how beautifully it ends. They said they would, and Brother Starks even accepted a Book of Mormon. It is my hope to see them both at church before we have to leave Kansas.
Then we went outside and took some pictures of their cows. Cows are hilarious, they see us and they're so curious, but as soon we walk toward them they start to walk backward, never taking their eyes off us! Silly Bovine.


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