Friday, December 13, 2013

Ready or Not...

Here it comes!

This week has been amazing! Tuesday we had two of our investigators come to our Relief Society social, and had lots of good fellowshipping from the ward sisters.
Wednesday we took a trip up to Kinsley with the sister missionaries to teach the 'Stop Smoking Program' to one of their investigators. She is a darling young mother who has such incredible talents. She has such a good attitude, she just needs to remember that she is a daughter of God and she will be able to break that nasty addiction.
Thursday, again we went with the sisters to visit another investigator, this one was a referral here in Dodge, but she only spoke Spanish. The sisters are not Spanish speakers (neither am I) but Elder Williams taught her about the Restoration. It was noisy in the home when we first got there. Mexican music playing on the stereo, a little 3 year old girl who wanted to have the sisters' attention, and a bunch of caged birds in the next room that were squawking. I silently prayed that things could be calm while we were there, and the lady got up and turned off the music, the little girl crawled up in her grandma's lap and fell asleep, and the birds suddenly went silent. It was amazing. (Why am I always amazed when prayers are answered?? I'm not really. It's just super cool to be aware as it happens!) Ron gave the lesson flawlessly in Spanish and the Spirit was very strong. I love my companion so much.
Today we are heading to Garden City for a conference and Christmas party put on for all the missionaries serving in the Garden Stake. (BTW our stake is 60,000 square miles big). Ours is the only stake in the whole mission that does this for the missionaries. All the missionaries not serving in our stake have a party put on by the Mission President. Our stake has a reputation for putting on a pretty sweet shindig, so of course missionaries hope they are serving here at Christmastime. *Us Senior missionaries will have a Senior Conference and get-together later this month in Wichita.
I am so grateful to be part of this work, and to see first-hand how it is changing peoples lives.

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