Sunday, February 24, 2013

The work is hastening!

We heard some big news that we thought we would share…With the announcement of 58 new missions opening up in July, our mission is being divided, and a new mission is being created in Kansas! It will include the area that we are currently serving in, which is Dodge City. If we are still serving here July 1, we will be part of the new Kansas, Wichita Mission instead of the Colorado, Colorado Springs Mission. Of course we will happily serve wherever we are needed : )

Mail shout outs & a 3 Dog Night (One is the loneliest number) goes to Robert and Reese for being our lonely piece of mail this week! Love to you!


  1. Why haven't I heard about 58 new missions?? That should be good for your mission! You guys cover a LARGE area right now! And I bet most people can't claim that they started in one mission and ended in a totally different one. :)

  2. They are going to need 58 new mission presidents...

    1. I'm guessing they've all been called, they have been being bio'd in the Church News since January. The new mission pres. for Wichita, President Bell, has not had his bio. in the Church News as of yet.

  3. I need an address! I will send you mail! Love and miss you guys and am SO proud of you!!!


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