Monday, July 23, 2012

A call from the MTC

A couple of weeks before we actually got our mission call I was getting the distinct impression that we would be going to a Spanish speaking mission. As I've said before, we really tried to not put our focus on any particular place, but I was feeling a definite Spanish vibe. If I would have said it out loud, I probably would have said somewhere in South America. Well, when our mission call came and we read Colorado Springs, I knew my "impression" was waaay off! Hello! You can't get much more "middle America" than south-eastern Colorado! So... the other day Ron and I were sitting on the couch, talking, and the phone rang. It was the MTC calling to tell us that even though our mission call didn't indicate it, we would be speaking Spanish in our mission. Also, they would be sending us curriculum that we should begin studying and we'll be skyping with a tutor right away. Ok, so sometimes my spiritual radar isn't turned off. Was this Heavenly Father's way of giving us a few days to wrap our heads (and hearts) around where we've been called, before tossing in the "learn Spanish" info? I'm thinking this is just another example of God's tender mercies. He gives us just what He thinks we can handle...and maybe sometimes just a little bit more to stretch us. We are blessed.

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